Afidus ATL-800 4K Project Timelapse Witness, Shen Wang Hotel Remodeling Project Record / 2023.08
Photographers who were the first to use Afidus' newly launched Multi-Segment Timelapse Camera have successfully used the Afidus ATL-201S Timelapse Camera to document their interiors. / 2023.08
Kaohsiung City Government's Cultural Affairs Bureau Chooses Afidus ATL-800 and ATL-200S for Cultural Landscape Ganshan Xing Village Monument Restoration Project / 2023.08
Afidus Timelapse Cameras Continue to be the Preferred Choice for Police Security Division Seventh Corps / 2023.07
High-Performance Photography Time-Lapse Camera Afidus: The Secret Weapon for Nighttime Project Recording / 2023.07
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